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Lebanese Cuisine since 2007

Who we are

Me Jana opened its doors in Fall 2007. Owners Rabih Abi-Aad, and Khalil Azar, merged their passion for food and their Lebanese background to make their fine dining dreams come true in the form of their restaurant Me Jana.

Here at Me Jana we bring you the traditional Lebanese Cuisine to enjoy and share with your friends and family.

Meet the partners : Rabih Abi-Aad, Khalil Azar.

Why choose Me Jana

Over the years, Pierre, Rabih & Khalil have watched their restaurant grow and gain reputability and they wish for the restaurant to continue in this path. They enjoy being able to serve the public where service and quality food are the driving forces of the business. The staff at Me Jana is working on daily specials so the restaurant will continue to grow and provide something unique. They hope to provide you with such a positive experience, you’ll remember to return to Me Jana in the future whenever you’re in the need of a great meal.

Where D.C. meets Lebanon. Dine in simplistic elegance. Enjoy a relaxed casual setting garnished with Lebanese food made from authentic family recipes.

Join us for a selection of the finest spirits served in a metropolitan atmosphere built around our guests.

Our standards

The Me Jana experience

1. Fresh ingredients
Every morning we shop for a variety of locally grown vegetables, and we settle for nothing less than the freshest seafood and meats delivered to our door daily.
2. Spices and creativity
Lebanon is the land where the Mid-East meets the Mediterranean, and our spice blends will fill your senses with distinct aromas and fragrances from around the region.
3. Preparation ritual and marinations
Lebanese dishes are labor intensive. Our dishes are grilled, baked, or sautéed in olive oil until perfection.
4. Presentation and garnishment
Lebanese food prepared at Me Jana is a form of culinary art that stays true to tradition. In Lebanese homes, dinner is a family undertaking, and we take the highest level of care to prepare and present our delicacies in the most authentic form.

Meet the team

Rabih Abi-Aad
Rabih Abi-Aad
Rabih has been in the service industry for over 30 years. He is also a native of Lebanon. A classically trained industry veteran who cultivates freshness and creativity with guests.
Khalil is a native of Lebanon who strives to bring his traditional family kitchen to Me Jana. Khalil’s mission is to cater to Me Jana guests just like family.