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3 Rules for Great Wine & Food Pairing During COVID-19

During difficult times like these, we always try our hardest to help where we can. This is why we’re offering 20% off curbside pickups of food and 50% off wine curbside pickups. We’re also delivering through Uber Eats, DoorDash, GrubHub, Postmates, and rush my stuff.

In this blog post, we’ve decided to help you pick and pair your wine bottles!

Like everything in life, there are rules. Wine pairings don’t fall short of that. In this month’s blog, we wanted to discuss 3 rules to remember when drinking wine and eating fine cuisine.

Domaine Des Toureles


Domaine Des Toureles, Marquis Des Beys, 2011

With fish, opinions differ. We like silky whites, such as Chardonnays, which are delicious with fish like branzino, salmon, or any kind of seafood.

Domaine Des Toureles Marquis Des Beys 2011 pairs well with scallops. Or simply “Marquis Des Beys.” This has been our wine of the week on numerous occasions and for a good reason. Hence why it is also considered to be the most established wine of the land. This is densely packed and concentrated with blackcurrants and chocolate yet retains freshness and spice and a very Lebanese flavor—a classic Lebanese red with hints of cassis and cedar.

Light seafood dishes seem to always pair better with delicate white wines. Again, it’s all about preference.


Ixsir, Altitudes White, 2015

Ixsir, Altitudes White, 2015, is a golden blend of vines that are grown at an altitude of 1,000 meters above sea level. This simply allows the grapes to keep their exceptional structure. This pairs perfectly with the baked Branzino with rosemary, lemon, and garlic. Credit to Hubert de Bouard, who is the winemaker behind this bottle.

Another possible pairing is with steaks or chops—like lamb chops with frizzled herbs. The firm tannins in these wines refresh the palate after each bite of meat.

Château Ksara, Reserve du Couvent, 2013

This is what we refer to as a medium-bodied red wine. As Lebanon’s oldest and largest producer in the Bekaa Valley, they have been producing wines since 1857. The color is similar to that of ruby with vanilla spice and blackberries. Match this perfectly with our lamb chops and za’atar, which is a spice of its own. Add a little fresh rosemary to complement the elements of this tasty red.


Mejana® Restaurant has a great wine list for our wine fans and anybody else who is curious about trying a new wine from a different region. We look forward to seeing you! Stay safe, and wash your hands!

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