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Kebab Day Celebration!

Kebab Day Celebration! There is something unique about a kebab. That blend of meat and greens skewered on a spear barbecued over coals. The smoky flavor, the incredible array of spices, or just the mixture of the carnivore’s favorite feast and the herbivore’s secret vice makes it a point where we all can meet.

Kebab Day rejoices this delicious barbecue favorite and its foundations, and of course, gives us a reason to eat all the Kebab we want!

Learn about Kebab Day

Kebab Day has been organized so that we can honour this incredible meal!

There is only one thing that can be on the menu this evening! If you’re a vegetarian, fear not! You can easily make a vegetarian kebab. Many people have replaced traditional meat with various ingredients, such as tofu, cheese, and greens over the years. 

History of Kebab Day

Kebabs have a lengthy and distinguished history, starting in the Middle East. Formerly they were barbecued meat densely seasoned. 

Kebabs have originated in Turkey. Soldiers used to grill chunks of freshly hunted animals skewed on swords on open-field fires. There are numerous varieties of Kebab, some of the most famous ones include shish Kebab.


Lamb Kebab

Kebab Day Celebration

The easiest way to celebrate Kebab Day is to go out and taste the delicious flavors that you can solely find in the best of kebabs. 

These days people are putting everything on kebabs, from chicken and vegetables to pieces of pineapple. You can place anything on a kebab and you can prepare it with vibrant, flavorful seasonings over smoky coals. Kebab Day urges you to be artistic and bring out the best in your kebabs, and let your skewers become vehicles for culinary deliciousness. Join us at Mejana® and taste the most delicious Kebab! 

We will be introducing a new special Kebab very soon and will be revealing the flavor shortly. Follow us on social media to stay posted.




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